Anthony B. - Fire Pon Rome

Black people don't get weary, 
Dem tek off the shackles an face we, 
But still we under mental slavery, 
Unno sing with the Startrail posse (My Lord) 

Fire pon Rome, 
Fi Pope Paul an him scissors an comb, 
Black people waan go home 
A Mount Zion a di righteous throne 


Verse 1: 
Well, this is my question 
To Issa and the one Matalon 
How unno get fi own so much black people land 
After dem slave, achieve nutten inna hand 
Check out greater Portmore, Braeton 
One room unno build a sell fi one million 
Dem dey studio house nuh worth a hundred gran 
Thrue mi a lick out dem waa mi keep quiat 
But mi a bun fire fi di one Butch Stewart 
Who buy out di plane an all di pilot 
Thrue mi nuh inna Jamaica, love fi tan 
Mi haffi bun fire fi the one Naree Azan 
Everybody know how downtown a fi di poor man 
How dem claims it an sey a to dem it belong 
No more hustling, dat mean no food inna hand 
One help wi have is the Almighty One 
Jamaicans chant mi song 


Verse 2: 
My Lord, don't talk jus listen, 
Mi haffi bun fire fi P.J. Patterson 
Him mek certain move an wi nuh too certain 
How much black youth behind iron curtain 
Thrue mi naw go trod inna Babylon order 
Mi haffi bun fire fi one name Seaga 
Everyday cost a living get harder 
Have more seller more than buyer 
Oh my Lord , what a pressure 


Verse 3: 
So many things politician have stolen 
Still them return with the one Bruce Golding 
Saying a brand new party dem forming 
But a part dem a part we with dem politics meeting 
Out A politics poor people get them beaten 
Look who dem have a tun metropolitan officer 
Fi tek yuh hustling out a yuh hand 
When yuh look pon dem face a yuh own black man 
Well out of the slum di poor people send mi 
Fi look what a gwaan and don't disagree 
What is the benefit of GCT? 
It benefit you but it never fit me.